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Lies, damned lies and dereliction of public duty

A year after the EU referendum I am still dejected. I made my views clear before the vote and they have not changed. I have not heard one convincing argument to persuade me leaving the EU is the right choice and I will exercise my democratic right to continue arguing for remain. The entire handling of the referendum and its consequences has been nothing but lies, damned lies and dereliction of public duty by government and parliament. Continue reading

Joining and leaving the Labour Party

I joined the labour party the day after the 2015 general election and resigned on 19th January 2017.  Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on the Article 50 bill was the final straw but I had been feeling uncomfortable for months.  Labour should have been a natural fit, the more so for some of Corbyn’s policies, but it wasn’t. What had gone wrong? Continue reading

EU Referendum

In 1975 I voted for the first time. My first vote was to stay in the EEC. On 23rd June I shall vote to remain in the EU.

I feel European. I work for a large global corporation and in such an environment, being European, not British or English, matters. The people I work with are from all across the globe. Many I have not met, but I know their voices and have seen their photographs. We work together with trust and confidence just as we would if we were all in the same office. The cultural diversity, the different perspectives and variety of ideas makes working in a multi-national environment stimulating, educational and rewarding. I belong, I feel welcome, I feel part of a community. A global community. Continue reading