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Stand up for girls and women

I just saw this Tweet quoting Desmond Tutu: “Boys, it is when you stand up for girls and women that you measure up as a man.” How brilliant. How true. All my life I have been lucky enough to be supported by men who have not been scared, worried or intimidated by the idea […]

Up the down escalator

It was my birthday recently. Three years ago I was seven years from state pension age, now its ten! I feel like I’m running hard up the down escalator and even if I collapse I’ll have to keep struggling on up because although I took the precaution of income protection insurance it will stop in […]

Is God a misogynist?

My Mum is a member of the Catholic church. My Dad isn’t. When I and my siblings were growing up he wanted us to understand that the church didn’t have a monopoly on righteous behaviour and that he was no worse a person than the typical attendee at Sunday Mass.

I attended a Catholic junior […]