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Up the down escalator

It was my birthday recently. Three years ago I was seven years from state pension age, now its ten! I feel like I’m running hard up the down escalator and even if I collapse I’ll have to keep struggling on up because although I took the precaution of income protection insurance it will stop in four years time. You see, twenty five plus years ago when I took it out I my crystal ball failed to predict the recent dramatic increase in pension ages and adjusting it now is very expensive. There was me thinking I could just pay the same premiums for a few more years. How naive. Silly me. Of course I’ll be a much higher risk and would only be paying the premium for 13 years not over the original 30 odd years. Off course! Obvious really. I hope I don’t need it, but I am left feeling cheated. After all I wont get what I thought I’d purchased: income protection in the years when I am likely to need it most. Continue reading

Double Standards

When my first husband died, aged 46, I was initially told that I was entitled to a widow’sΒ pension for myself and my children. My husband had paid national insurance contributions and would not now be claiming his pension. It seemed fair. My husband would have been pleased that his contributions were being used for the benefit of his children. Continue reading