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A few months after I retired I was talking to a former colleague and I mentioned that I was enjoying doing some of the things I used to consider chores that just needed to be done. I’d stopped wearing a watch and didn’t worry about the time. Things took as long as they took and I was relaxed about it. I had the impression I was moving more slowly through time, although time itself seemed to be passing more quickly.

“It’s better”, he said “when the enjoyment is in spending the time and not merely in the final outcome because then no time is wasted. It’s difficult to achieve at work when everything is driven by metrics.”

I hadn’t thought of it before, but he was right and I think it is the key to relaxing and building the strength to cope with the state of the world. My short cut to this more relaxed state is vegetable gardening and the connection it brings with the natural rhythms of the world. A gardening cliche, I know, and one I used to scoff at. But as they say there are none so keen as converts, and I’m one and I’m trying to share my enjoyment through my blogs.

  • Overtaken by WinterOvertaken by Winter
    Most of November has been wet and windy so time in the garden has been limited. The holly tree and the hedge rows of holly and hawthorne are loaded with berries, as are the berberis and cotoneaster, and we are wondering how long they will last before the birds have eaten… Read more »
  • Splashing out on a polytunnelSplashing out on a polytunnel
    The last couple of months have been a bit hit and miss in the vegetable garden as the wet weather put a dampener on activities. It has all been rather frustrating as the chores have piled up. Never mind we have been busy in the kitchen processing our excess harvest… Read more »
  • Ready for a diet of healthy winter greensReady for a diet of healthy winter greens
    At the start of August we planted the new bed with winter brassicas, covered them with super-fine micro mesh and looked forward to curly kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in the darker months to come. Our summer cabbage and kale had been plagued with snails and slugs and, despite the… Read more »
  • Over crowdedOver crowded
    The first batch of seeds I sowed this year either germinated quickly, became straggly and many died or did not germinate at all.  On the second attempt I sowed far more than I needed not expecting much success. However, all but the cape gooseberries germinated and thrived. Result: too many… Read more »
  • New expansion projectsNew expansion projects
    In a previous article I lamented the fact that my parsnips had failed. I spoke to soon or was too impatient. A couple of weeks later they appeared. Not all of them but more than half, so there will be enough for Christmas dinner. After a slow start the kale… Read more »
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