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Roots and branches

On and off over the last 15 years I have researched my  daughters’ family tree along roots and branches. I say “my daughters'” as it also includes the ancestors of my late husband.

As the saying goes there will be a king, a pauper, a murderer and a person of note in all family trees. I certainly found kings, but so far back they hardly count; same with the persons of note, my favourite being Thomas Littleton a fifteenth century lawyer.

There are colourful characters such as Humphrey Kynaston, the highwayman of Shropshire, Matthew and Joshua Jenour, rich newspaper proprietors, and Mr and Mrs Andrews neighbours of Thomas Gainsborough who painted their portrait which now hang in the National Gallery. Most of the people in my family tree, and the nearer they get to modern times, are ordinary working person, each no doubt with a story of their own not captured by history, struggling to make a living and contending with everyday matters of illness, industrial disease and accidents. Here are pictures of some more recent ancestors. Links to my BMD certificate references and my full database are on my genealogy website.


William Deakin (1878-1958) and wife Sarah-Maria (1870-1955)


Elizabeth Deakin with mother Sarah-Maria c 1906


Sarah Maria Deakin (nee Harvey) c 1940


Sarah Maria’s sister Lydia (1866 – )

Williams Deakin and Bradbury

William Deakin (1878-1958) foreground and William Bradbury (1904-1975) 30th May 1955

William Deakin - restored

William Deakin and his baby daughter Elizabeth and step daughter Ellen Sheldon

William and Millie

William Bradbury and Millie Hughes around the time if their engagement c1930

William Banks

William Banks (1796-1868) and his wife Elizabeth Taylor (1798-1868) Spanish Fork, Utah


John Knowles (1857-1928)


James Hollingworth (1895-1975) and Gladys Knowles (1897-1987) at their wedding in 1920

Samuel Harvey

Samuel Harvey (1843 – 1936) dressed for the photo, not his usual clothes as parks’ gardener


Mary Davies (1882-1975)

Millie Hughes

Millie Hughes (1908-1998) c 1930

Alice and daughters

Alice Bradbury (nee Lemmings) (1879-1946) with youngest daughters Ivy (left) and Nellie (c 1926)

Elizabeth Deakin

Elizabeth Deakin (1906-2003) c1926

Fanny and Lizzie Deakin

Fanny Deakin (nee Ball) (1850-) and daughter Lizzie (1882-) outside their house in Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire c1905


Younger children of Bradbury family c 1923 (f) Hugh, Ivy, Nellie, (b) Martha and Alice


Eliza Hannah Lemming (nee Banks) 1823-1903 photo c 1902


Emma Horswell (1847-1931)