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Based on real events and experiences of life just after retirement, Rooted to the Spot at the Sticks is an attempt – you decide if successful – to find light hearted fun in the otherwise serious issues of Brexit and a way of coming to terms with the delusions of Brexit.

Latest posts from sister site Rooted to the Spot at The Sticks

  • Belgian bugs to the rescueBelgian bugs to the rescue
    If you've read any of my earlier blogs you may remember that I am aiming for the post-Brexit good life, digging for victory and "growing my own" here at the Sticks. You could say I'm putting down many more roots on my little spot in Staffordshire! For patriotic reasons (haha)… Read more »
  • Squashed plansSquashed plans
    Working had been getting in the way of my gardening. I really wanted to be free of work so I could do my own gardening and grow my own vegetables. No more dependence on those dictatorial supermarkets who charge what they want and decide what we should eat. What's not… Read more »
  • Mouldy JamMouldy Jam
    Well, who'd 'a' thought it? Mrs May and I have something in common. Last week it was reported that she scraped the mould from the top of her jam and ate the rest. Well I did that too. Just after the New Year.  One of my jars of home made… Read more »
  • Nothing going as planned so I'm still on trackNothing going as planned so I'm still on track
    Since my last post on Rooted to the Spot I have written several articles but they were all turned down by my editor. He said they weren't sufficiently in the style of Brexit and had little to do with my retirement. I insisted that they couldn't be altered, that retirement… Read more »
  • Falling apartFalling apart
    My retirement in the style of Brexit is falling apart, which I suppose means it isn't, because Brexit is falling apart, so I think that proves I'm still succeeding in following it. Oh, I don't know! This is getting so confusing. When it's fallen apart will I have been successful… Read more »
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