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I may be a retired old fuddy duddy but the a younger generation is out there forging a path of its own, very different from the one we trod. Environment, health and the survival of the planet are the key concerns of many. There are many different views but, whether through necessity or choice the younger generation is less interested in material possessions and more interested in quality of life and experience. Here are the blog posts from just one of those young people.

  • How to start loving your bodyHow to start loving your body
    When you think about your body which words come to mind? Which emotions arise and how do you feel? Are most of these feelings and thoughts negative? Did you think about how you wished that your body looked a certain way? Typically, most people don’t have a positive relationship with… Read more »
  • Solo Female vanlife in Mexico!
    This week Louise took to the trails of Tepoztlan to see some ancient ruins dedicated to an Aztec God. We also hit the road for a mammoth drive all the way to Oaxaca City! The post Solo Female vanlife in Mexico! appeared first on Route To The Soul. Read more »
  • Vanlife Diaries: An overnight ferry from La Paz to Mazatlán
    We pay the 5,000 pesos and walk back to the van. The grrr of the engine breaks the anticipation filled silence and we make our way to the ferry terminal. It’s 1 pm and the Baja heat has reached the high 30s. We park in the line of lorries that… Read more »
  • Vanlife Mexico: We had to leave the city
    This week we escaped the bustling city and headed to the small town of Bernal, Queretaro. Check out our hike up the worlds third-largest monolith and how we shower while living in a public place! The post Vanlife Mexico: We had to leave the city appeared first on Route To… Read more »
  • Vanlife Diaries: A Mexican street dog is coming along for the ride
    Living in a van means frequent trips to throw out our trash. We are roaming the streets of Guerrero Negro on the lookout for a bin, instead, we find a puppy. She’s wandering the streets, her back leg held high and her bones protruding. I swerve the car to the… Read more »
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