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I may be a retired old fuddy duddy but the a younger generation is out there forging a path of its own, very different from the one we trod. Environment, health and the survival of the planet are the key concerns of many. There are many different views but, whether through necessity or choice the younger generation is less interested in material possessions and more interested in quality of life and experience. Here are the blog posts from just one of those young people.

  • Subtle everyday sexism is creating a dangerous world for womenSubtle everyday sexism is creating a dangerous world for women
    -This piece contains topics that may be triggering –  Until about three years ago, I never paid much attention to the differences in how men and women were treated. I blindly assumed that sexism was almost non-existent. The pay gap was the extent of my knowledge. As I fumbled my… Read more »
  • How self-love is helping to disguise self-hateHow self-love is helping to disguise self-hate
    Self-love is incredibly important. By re-arranging the narratives and learning to love our imperfect selves we open up a whole world of happiness. We stop comparing ourselves to others and start living through trust rather than fear. Self-love is talked about so much and is something that we should all… Read more »
  • This is the single biggest cause of climate change.This is the single biggest cause of climate change.
    You’re probably assuming this is going to be about animal agriculture. While that is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses and so a major cause of climate change, animal agriculture in itself is not the problem (although it does have many problems.) The real underlying cause of climate change is… Read more »
  • “What do you eat?” How I thrive as a vegan coeliac.“What do you eat?” How I thrive as a vegan coeliac.
    When I tell someone I’m vegan I’m met with “What do you eat?!” Then comes the bombardment of “Where do you get your protein?” and concerns for my health. Add into this mix the fact I have coeliac disease (I can’t eat gluten) and their expression turns from confusion to… Read more »
  • Eco-friendly flights: are they possible?Eco-friendly flights: are they possible?
    A big conflict that often arises in my life is my love for travel as well as my passion for protecting the environment. The world’s airlines use around 205 million tonnes of aviation fuel per year. This fuel produces greenhouse gasses such as CO2, ozone, sulphur dioxide and methane. One… Read more »
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