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Sham BT Technical department continues to call

Last year I wrote about a conversation with scammers claiming to be BT Technical department. They haven’t given up and continue to provide amusement.

A few months ago our BT land line was practically unusable. It crackled so much conversation was almost impossible, rather defeating it own purpose. We called BT (the real BT) to […]

Joining and leaving the Labour Party

I joined the labour party the day after the 2015 general election and resigned on 19th January 2017. Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on the Article 50 bill was the final straw but I had been feeling uncomfortable for months. Labour should have been a natural fit, the more so for some of Corbyn’s policies, but it […]

BT Internet Scam

I am on holiday from work this week. This morning the phone rang while I was lazing in bed reading the news and finishing a second cup of tea.

“This is BT Technical Department”, announced a distant voice in an accent that sounded Indian, “we are calling to tell you that due to problems with […]

EU Referendum

In 1975 I voted for the first time. My first vote was to stay in the EEC. On 23rd June I shall vote to remain in the EU.

I feel European. I work for a large global corporation and in such an environment, being European, not British or English, matters. The people I work with […]

Small people in a big world – response to refugees

Hello world!

New dog bites off more than we can chew

Six months after the death of Flash the Dog and my daughters were increasing the frequency with which they mentioned puppies. “Wouldn’t a puppy be cute?” and “Ah, look at this one,” while pointing to pictures of small dogs behaving in a variety of amusing or charmingly mischievous ways, punctuated conversations on a daily basis. […]

Take a break

I needed to take a break from work but I would have been happy to laze around at home idling my time away. That seemed the easy option. I felt too tired to bother with the effort of choosing and arranging a holiday away.

My soon to be eighteen year old daughter had other ideas. […]

Goodbye to Flash

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Flash the dog. Renowned for his footballing skills and persistence with stick retrieval, Flash has died aged 11. A working Sheep Dog or Border Collie, he was born on 23rd January 2002 the son of Sid and Bonnie. He was registered in the name of […]

Unpaid overtime. How much am I subsidising my boss?

Sometime during the last couple of weeks I caught the end of an item on the radio which had covered the widening gap between paid and worked hours. In 2011 the UK Office of National Statistics published information showing that managers and senior officials worked an average of 7.6 hours per week more than they […]

Stand up for girls and women

I just saw this Tweet quoting Desmond Tutu: “Boys, it is when you stand up for girls and women that you measure up as a man.” How brilliant. How true. All my life I have been lucky enough to be supported by men who have not been scared, worried or intimidated by the idea […]